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Liza10 [userpic]

Hey guys!!

May 8th, 2007 (11:53 pm)

I moved my blog!!! Here's my new address!!!! http://lizayamatonumaebi.blogspot.com/
Please come and visit!!

Liza10 [userpic]

Who said Japan was a safe country?

January 24th, 2007 (03:27 pm)

Recently, every time I turn on the T.V. there's always some kind of murdering going on in this country. A brother killing his sister, a wife killing her husband, son killing his mother, etc. And the way they murder people, it's worse than Hitchcock‘s movies!!!! Cutting dead bodies aparts, burning down houses, smashing the head with a bowling ball... People, people, people!!!! What's wrong with you guys?! I think it's also the media who should be responsible on how they broadcast it on T.V. (You know how Japanese people love T.V.... Like the 'natto' incident; when one day a program showed how 'Natto' helps you lose weight, the next day, you don't see anymore 'natto' selling at the stores!! You only see a sign which says sold out. By the way, a couple of days ago, the Kansai T.V. station had appologize by saying that eating natto loses one's weight was a 'uso' a lie.)
Same as the Muto murder was made doubly sensational by the way the boy allegedly tried to get rid of the body, cutting it up into pieces making into a 'barabara jiken' (scattered-pieces incidents). When one 'barabara jiken'happens, there'll be another.
I was watching an evening news, when there was another murderning, a
son killing his mother and it took place in Tagami, Niigata, where my parents live.... I was so shocked and most of all, my parents and including my sister were very upset too. It happened just around the corner from my parents' house. So, murderning could happen anywhere anytime, so be aware. It's time to move back to Mexico! oh, I forgot you get easily shot there. So, where's a safe place to live in? An isolated island? No, global warming... The island could disappear.. may be Mars? I wonder...

Liza10 [userpic]


December 5th, 2006 (12:04 am)

current mood: awake
current song: 9to5

I woke up this morning freezing cold. Outside was snowing and the temperature was about 3˚c. As I rub my eyes, I rememberd Takeshi requesting me to make miso soup for breakfast, I went downstairs heading to the icy kitchen. I needed some caffeine. Not knowing what to do, I got some vegetables out, cut them up and put them in the pot. I was trying to make some miso soup. When the vegetables started to boiled, I don't know why and don't ask me why, I poured some coffee in the pot.
I didn't realize until I'd smelled it, and it was the most awful smell that has ever went to my nostrils. Seriously, if need to wake up just boil some vegetables and pour coffee in it. It surely is gotta wake you up!!! Anyhow, I stood there and reminded me of Garfield saying 'Mornings.. '

Liza10 [userpic]

What's happening!?

June 21st, 2006 (11:42 pm)

current mood: nervous
current song: Cielito Lindo

(sigh) Portugal is strong!

Liza10 [userpic]

No entiendo....

June 21st, 2006 (10:43 pm)

current mood: confused
current song: I'll Survive

Recently, one of my birdies named Sensei has been busy building up her nest. I don't know if she's bored or just like building it. Every morning, she cuts off stripes of newspaper and have them soaked in the water. Then she spends the whole day putting(actually mending them)into her nest. It's pretty cool to she her doing it. She's an artist.
I went to see her tonight, and I don't know what happened, she destroyed the nest.
After all the hard work and effort and days she had put up to build it... It was gone.
I sometimes don't understand birds.

Liza10 [userpic]

The day everyone thanked me!

March 17th, 2006 (02:51 pm)

current mood: touched
current song: Jet Stream

Today was the day everybody thanked me. I didn't do anything special, but it certainly was a historic day. Mexico won against the United States IN baseball game!!!!! Now, that's something! No, it's more than something!! One more thing, if you have seen the game, I think that was a home run.
Anyhow, thanks to Mexico, Japan can advance to the semifinals. Ganbate!! Go for it Ichiro!!

(spanish) El equipo nacional de México consiguio hoy no sólo la victoria del honor en el último partido de la segunda vuelta del Mundial de béisbol sino que también hizo historia al eliminar a Estados Unidos (si se pudo) y clasificar a Japón.-Arigato!!!

Liza10 [userpic]

I forgot...

March 11th, 2006 (02:23 pm)

current mood: embarrassed
current song: sound track from 'Dirty Dancing'

Today was Aeon day. I woke up around 8:30 and I was out of the house by 9:20.(I don't know how I could do it) Anyhow, I was a little excited today, 'cause there's a big Salsa party tonight at Hot Spot (in other words the 'gaijin' bar). Hot Spot is not my favorite place, but I love salsa. It's supposed to be a big party organized by dancers from Roppongi. I've once been to salsa clubs in Roppongi and it was hot! So, you kind of expect something out of it. After the classses I ran to the restroom to change and before going to dance party, we ate some Indian at Poojah.(recommended!) We arrived at Hot Spot around 9pm. In my mind, I had people, men & women dancing crazily to the loud salsa music. We paid 2,000 yen at the entrance, we went in, and I was like.. WT*!? I forgot, this was Niigata! Not Roppongi!! There were many women around my mother's age with heavy make up wearing golden shoes. This is not a ballroom dancing!! It's a club!! The music was not good and loud enough to feel it. There were no cute guys and so, instead of dancing we just spent the time chatting and drinking. i drank lots of gin tonic. If you could remember we ate Indian for dinner. So, it kind of caused a chemical reaction in my stomach that I had to ran to the bathroom. I had a habit to take some paper with me whenever I went to the bathrooms in Mexico, but here you don't have to worry about it until tonight. There was no paper. I got stucked. I didn't know what to do. I stood up and sat down again. Help!! Then I heard some chics coming in. I hate to do it, but I had to ask. "Sumimasen... do you have some paper?" With no answer a bag of abubu(bags of tissues that the drug store hand out) came flying above me. It saved my life, but how embarrassing!!!! So, that was my Saturday. Remember always to take some paper with you!

Liza10 [userpic]

It feels like Spring!

March 7th, 2006 (02:14 pm)

current mood: relaxed
current song: Collection of Jazz piano

I woke up this morning early around 7:00am. and looked outside. The sky was clear and I could feel the sun shine on my face. My birds were awake too. I opened all the windows in the house, aired out the futons and did all the laundry I could. I also vacuumed the floor and swept the entrance. I felt really good. I went to Niigata to see Susanne. We went to eat Mexican food at Manma with Meiko. Manma is located between Honcho Market and Itoyokado. It's a really small restaurant run by Mr. Morita. Mr. Morita is such a nice and very giving person. He has a great sense of humor and his cooking is really refine and delicious. I have stories to tell you!! (May be I told you before) He was a chief at the restaurant where my father used to work!! That's common you'll think, but no!! He used to work in a Japanese restaurant in MEXICO!!! In fact we'd met each other when I was really small!! He came by to my father's restaurant once maybe about 12years ago. And now we are here in Niigata city attracted by Mexican food. Anyhow Suzanne and I had some tacos and let me tell you there were soooooooooo good!! I could feel the spice and the tortilla running down my veins. Oh, yeah that's what i need it!!
After that I taught 4 classes and that was my day. The children today were really genki and I really enjoyed teaching them. Tomorrow I'm expecting a prospective student. He is 2 years old. I hope he'll have a good time with the other children. Wish me luck!

Liza10 [userpic]

It's already March!!

March 1st, 2006 (03:14 pm)

current mood: energetic
current song: Tom Jones

I'm typing this journal while I'm sitting in the kotatsu and listening to Tom Jones. My mouth is full with delicious sweets that Kumiko gave me this Tuesday. Mmmm, there are so good. I went to Kumiko's place this Tuesday to teach English, but I felt as if I was taught instead. She gave me many advise and she also gave me an newspaper article about how to train your voice. (I lose my voice constantly in this dry weather)' Kumiko is a really special friend to me and I really appreciate her friendship.
Today, I went to Mitsukoshi to see the flower exhibition done by three male artists. I was especially impressed by Naoki Sasaki's work. It was so simple, but astonishing. He used very simple materials, like several long sticks, a glass vase, several red petals and he could still attract people.
As I was standing in front of the art work, Sasakisan himself walked by and without waiting, I threw all the questions I had in mind. Such questions like what made you make this, where did you get the idea, what flower petals did you use, etc... Probably he thought I was mad or something, but he had the patience to answer all my questions and I was shocked how sincere and how much confidence he had in his work.
You could also tell how he loved flowers. His artwork was fascinating and I really recommend everyone to go see his work. It's a must!!
I've met already many people this year with different talents. They all had confidence and power to do what they wanted to do, which helped me motivate more in my studies and in my teaching. I think meeting and talking to different people gives you power and energy to move forward.
What do you think? I love all my friends.

Liza10 [userpic]

The Longman Kids Tour 2006

February 21st, 2006 (02:05 pm)

current mood: impressed
current song: Just a Girl (Bonnie Pink)

I attended a seminar this Sunday at Toki Messei. It was kind of a workshop where professional English teachers came from Tokyo and gave us some tips to teach English to the children. I was surprised to see many foreigners attending the workshop. There were people from Philippines, India, Canada, Korea, Brazil etc. They were either married to a Japanese man or woman. I got acquainted with a lady from the Philippines who teaches English in Kamo. She was really nice, friendly, and really energetic. She gave me many useful advices and I really looked up to her. I hope I can keep in touch with her. The seminar itself was interesting, challenging and practical. They gave us free copies of the textbook, English Land, which is a wonderful textbook with Disney characters in it. It's not only great that they use Disney characters, but the textbook itself is really neatly organized that helps motivate children to speak English and I thought THIS was the textbook I was looking for. The workshop finished at around 4pm. I got home around 5pm and in a hurry I made some radish salad and I served it on a blue dish. I went to a birthday party organized by Mama & Papa. It was good to see everyone and we ate a lot!! I talked to Rafael too. He pushed me to study French. I wished I had more free time and he also gave me some tips how to keep a good communication with people. Wow! what a day.
I felt really satisfied and full in mind. I thank God for this day.

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